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Women's Programs

Introducing: Spa For The Feminine Soul

Are you ready for the uplifting and spiritual experience of a lifetime? We can help you make it happen. You will have to travel to Northern Israel, but you'll never regret it, promise. With spirituality and wellness becoming a priority for many women, we've witnessed an increased demand for our special programs, which are catered to women from around the world with varied backgrounds.


The Jewish traditions of Kabbalah and spirituality are vibrant and intriguing and especially powerful for women seeking deeper meaning in everyday life.

The professional staff of our women’s division conduct special programs and retreats, that enable every woman to embark on a meaningful and empowering spiritual journey, unlike anything they've ever experienced.

Our program is specially developed for the modern, intelligent woman, who realizes there is much more to life, but she isn't exactly sure how to get there.

We specialize in a wide variety of programs for women only, including tours, lectures, and local excursions, such as:
• Harmony between inner and outer beauty
• The empowering feminine qualities according to Kabbalah
• Meditations and workshops for rejuvenating the soul and body

• A visit to the natural springs of Tzfat and the Galilee

• Galilean cosmetics and healing herbs workshop
• "The soul of the artist": A spiritual recreation journey
• Feminine Journeys: Meet special women who are world class spiritual mentors

Whether you have a day, several days, or even a week we are happy to devise a program suited specifically to the needs of your group.

Contact us for more information, and to book your experience of a lifetime.

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