A unique approach to the kabbalah phenomena


The International center for Tzfat kabbalah has recently developed new courses, workshops and tourist experiences.

The kabbalah is no longer a secret. Especially over the past decade, we have been witness to an incredibly fast growing world-wide interest in Kabbalah.
The Kabbalistic wisdom, the ancient Jewish mystical tradition, investigates and explains the codes of both the universe and the soul of man. It teaches us how to add spiritual and cosmic meaning to every aspect of our daily lives, turning every routine into an inspiring experience.
The International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah was established in 2006, and is located in the heart of the enchanted Old City of Tzfat (Safed), the Birthplace of Kabbalah, amidst all the historical Kabbalistic sites that provide such great spiritual inspiration to tens of thousands of visitors every year.
The international Center for Tzfat Kabbalah organizes conventions, seminars, lectures and international Kabbalah events, all conducted in the spirit of Tzfat Kabbalah and aimed at providing a unique intellectual and spiritual experience.
The International Center allows people from all over the world to become familiar with this fascinating aspect of Jewish mystical tradition in a pluralistic manner that appeals to all ages and allows a completely authentic insight into the content of the Kabbalistic world.
The Center was founded by The Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, under the auspices of the “Partnership 2000” program of the Jewish Agency.

Kabbalah-Tour deals with all the aspects of the tourist operation and experiences offered by the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah. Kabbalah-Tour reveals the treasures of the Kabbalah and ancient Tzfat mysticism to a diverse audience, organized in an enchanting tourist package that provides the visitor with a moving and unforgettable experience.
The Kabbalah-Tour packages include master classes, workshops, excursions, lectures, performances and a variety of exciting activities guaranteed to make the visitors want to extend their stay and deepen their experience. Kabbalah-Tour bases itself on professionals considered the best in their field: guides of the highest standard, musicians, Kabbalists and mystics, spiritual teachers, artists with international reputations and superb lecturers.
Kabbalah-Tour will take you to the truly special places and will tailor the specific Kabbalah experience package that best suits the requirements of each individual traveler, family or tour group. Kabbalah-Tour can also provide you with an unforgettable mystic Kabbalah experience for special events such as weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, etc. The tourist activities take place all year round, in several languages. 

Intro to Kabbalah 
Art and Kabbalah 
Intimacy and Kabbalah
Galilean Medicinal Herbs
Kabbalah and Psychology 
A Musical Performance in the Spirit of Kabbalah
Studying a Kabbalistic Text Kabbalistic Meditation
The Mystical Power of Letters and Names Positive Thinking


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