Kabbalah Retreats

The perfect package for those seeking spiritual wellness, and looking for a meaningful and empowering spiritual experience.

Treat yourself to the amazing feeling of true peace and quiet, and harmony and serenity, at one of the most spiritual and enchanted places on earth, Tzfat.

For over a decade, the Tzfat Kabbalah Center has been hosting individuals, couples and small groups, for the unique Kabbalah Retreat experience. Retreats are designed to cater to the needs of the group, and last between 2-7 days, including beautiful accommodations in the enchanted old city of Tzfat.

Enjoy inspiring Kabbalah classes, meditations and workshops. 
Tour the enchanted city of Tzfat. 
Visit special spiritual sites of the Galilee, and gain a new perspective and outlook on life.


• Introduction to Kabbalah

• Medicinal Herbs Workshop

• Kabbalah Art Workshops

• Kabbalah & Psychology

• Galilee Nature Tours

• Intimacy & Kabbalah

• Studying Mystical Texts

• Kabbalah Meditations

• Spiritual Shabbat Experience


Stay in gorgeous boutique accomodations in Tsfat's historic Old City,

and enjoy inspiring and life changing classes, workshops and tours.

Contact us today to arrange your retreat of a lifetime.