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The Sephirot

The "Ten Sephirot" model constitutes the spiritual code according to which the entire universe was created. 
Each one of the Sephirot expresses a special characteristic of Divine spiritual abundance, which pours forth in the entire creation and trickles down through the spiritual worlds until it reaches the physical world.
The ten Sephirot are the root and source of "The Ten Expressions" that created the world: the 10 times where it says in the Book of Genesis "let there be light", "the heavens", etc. 

The Ten Sephirot can be divided into two groups:

Brain/Mind: Wisdom, understanding and knowledge
Emotive Attributes: Kindness, severity, beauty, victory, splendor, foundation and kingship.

The Hebrew word "Sephira" means "light", like a bright and shining sapphire stone.

The Holy Zohar calls the spheres "improvements" [Tikunim], which imply jewelry. That is to say, just as jewelry beautifies a person, so too, the ten spheres add beauty with the 'infinite light' that flows within them.
Jewish mysticism teaches that all of creation comes from four spiritual worlds: emanation, creation, formation and action. Each one contains the system of the 10 Sephirot, which change according to the substance of their corresponding spiritual world.

In the uppermost world – the world of emanation– the spheres are described as purely Divine forces, and as they descend to the physical world, the Divine lights condense into the spheres and disappear within the vessels that contain them. This process continues until reaching our tangible and physical world, which is called the 'world of physical action', where the lights of the Sephirot disappear, leaving us vision of only the physical and temporal world, without being able to see the spiritual forces within it. Therefore, according to Kabbalah, creation is called "the world" [Olam in Hebrew], which comes from the Hebrew root 'Alem', or disappear.

By its very nature, the world conceals the spiritual forces that flow in it. Only by using spiritual-Kabbalistic practice, which is called 'Hitbonenut' (contemplation, meditation), and which is extensively explained in Hassidic literature, can the person identify the spiritual source and substance of the world around him, and use this understandings wisely and beneficially.

In our world, one can find an exact copy of the form of the 10 Sephirot in the body and soul of man who was created in the Creator's image. The form of the 10 Sephirot is also called the "Tree of Life", and teaches us how each one of the Sephirot is connected with the qualities and abilities of man's soul:

Wisdom –essence of intelligence, ability to inspire and invent.
Understanding – broadening the understanding of details.
Knowledge – Ability to delve deeper and conscious communication.
Kindness – the quality of influence and giving.
Severity- The quality of reducing and lessening influence.
Beauty– Mixing and balancing the influence.
Victory – The victory over obstacles on the way to influence.
Splendor – Valid decision to be implemented.
Foundation – Communication that impacts the recipient.
Kingship – The actual influence

The revelations regarding the powers of the soul as they appear in Kabbalistic literature shed new and fascinating light on the psychological, conscious and emotional processes we experience, and delineate the path for spiritual growth in a very special and experiential manner. 

Kabbalah explain the events and processes occurring in the upper worlds by primarily using parables taken from the soul of man. We must always remember that these are only parables, and that the upper spiritual worlds and the Divine arena have no definable physical form at all. 

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