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Why Teach Kabbalah ?

The Kabbalah stresses the importance of kindness and true unconditional giving, and with no expectation of reward.

In this context, the parallels and symmetry between The Creator and Man are emphasized ("Kabbalah" from the Hebrew word "Hakballah", which means parallel), as G-d said at the outset of Creation: "Let us make man in our image."

Man is like his Creator: Just as G-d created Man and everything else, and influences his entire creation with unbridled and unconditional kindness ("The world is built through kindness" –Psalms 89) to both the spiritual worlds as well as the physical world, and with altruistic love, so is Man capable of internalizing and acting this quality of kindness and giving.

Man is assured that if he behaves this way toward his fellow man he will merit 'abundance from above'. However, man must still give of himself and have an impact without any promise or expectation of benefit.

Therefore, the person who studies the wonderful wisdom found in Kabbalistic literature and the inner dimension of the Torah, would do well by spreading this acquired wisdom and insight to others who have not yet had the privilege to do so. A person who shares this wonderful wisdom with others, will merit even greater wisdom and insight, and attain even greater heights in his or her own understanding of the world of Kabbalah.

This is true of the material sphere as well as the spiritual, and even beyond: A person who influences and gives on the spiritual level will be assured great success on the material level as well.

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