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Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy

The topic of energy production has been a major issue on the world's agenda in the last century.

The need for electric energy reaches new heights in view of world population growth, and the rise in the standard of living in developed countries. Its production from fossil fuels (petroleum and coal) pollutes the atmosphere, increases the Greenhouse effect, and endangers every living creature on our planet.

Many countries are gradually moving towards "clean" production of electricity, generated by wind and solar energy. Dozens of companies worldwide are constructing solar systems for the production of electric energy from the sun rays, and they have earned impressive commercial success.

In Kabbalistic literature we find a special message regarding the solar energy, saying, that in the near future an impressive cosmic ecological change will occur. Talmudic sources tell us that the sun will be 'taken out from its shield'. In other words, the partition, which is called the sun's corona, which protects us from solar radiation, will be removed. With the removal of this barrier the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth will increase sevenfold.

Despite this apparently alarming forecast, the Kabbalah masters promise that no harm will come to biological life here on earth. On the contrary, we will utilize this currently unknown solar energy to finally provide cures for illnesses which were thought to be incurable, and we will merit the ultimate health and even eternal life.

Kabbalah explains that there will be a parallel spiritual development to this physical one, in the form of an immense spiritual revelation that will reach the human consciousness. This revelation will enlighten the human comprehension that was thus far feeble, in everything related to the inner essence of existence, namely, the spiritual power and the Divine energy which fills the entire universe.

Kabbalah explains that the Hebrew word for "world" (Olam) is related to the word "hidden" (he'elem). The world by its nature hides the spiritual and divine powers that abound within it. The essence of these energies is auspiciously explained by Kabbalah in such a way that everyone can comprehend.

With that, Kabbalah teaches us that these future revelations will cross the "normal" state of consciousness, so that these new revelations will be on the level of "seeing". We will not be satisfied with intellectual comprehension or awareness, as lofty as that may be, but rather the potency of the human consciousness will rise to the level of actual vision as in prophecy. We will be able to see with our physical eyes the spiritual, Divine energy that is flowing into the entire universe.

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