Language & Communication

People throughout the world speak to infants in a similar way. Research shows that all languages share certain traits that serve the production of this speech, known as ID speech. It contains emotional indicators, expressed in raising the voice and emphasis or words, as well as vocal expressions that have no textual significance but clearly express positive or negative feelings.

It has been shown that infants and toddlers throughout the world react similarly to these common traits and that they prefer ID – in any language – over the specific language of their immediate environment without these common traits. Moreover, infants concentrate more on people speaking to them in ID, even if they are unfamiliar, than on familiar people who do not express themselves in this way.

Kabbbalistic teaching deals at length with the creation of the world by means of speech. Divine speech is manifest in a language known as the sacred language, which is the language of the Bible.
The divine letters are the building blocks of the creation. Different combinations of the divine letters result in creation of different beings, precisely as different combinations of the letters of our speech create diverse words and meanings.

It is interesting that today we also refer to genetic components as “letters” and “words” that shape the details and the essence of the living organism. The sacred language is a universal language, not only because it is the semantic basis for many other languages, but also because it lies at the base of the entire creation.

Modern physics also teaches us that the building blocks of reality are sound waves, produced by the tiny invisible “chords” (The String theory). During the course of human history, the inner awareness related to the conscious use of the sacred language and the power that lies in the letters of the Hebrew alphabet has slowly been forgotten.

The teaching of Kabbalah interprets the inner meaning of every Hebrew letter, and teaches us to wisely and consciously use the letters of thought (positive thinking), the letters of speech and the letters of deeds (writing).

The prophets of the Bible prophesized that the sacred language will resume its supreme status in the world, in our time. This language expresses and reveals the spirituality that is discovered in the teaching of Kabbalah with optimal precision. Indeed, with the discovery and spread of the Kabbalah to all corners of the world, we are seeing how an increasing number of people in the world are learning Hebrew, the ancient sacred language as it was at the dawn of creation.