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Creating Reality And Modern Physics




Quantum theory, which was developed in order to explain what happens inside the atom, led physicists to understand that the reality in which we live is not unequivocal, even in terms of the most basic structures of matter. As physics research shows, the consciousness of the human observing phenomena plays an important role in determining and defining the most fundamental level of reality: the character and behavior of the most elementary components of matter.

These scientific ideas provide a fascinating perspective on human life in general, and the power of influence of human consciousness, in particular. They provide new insight into the words of the great kabbalist, Rabbi Akiva, in the Avot Tractate of the Talmud: "Everything is foreseen and free will is given" – our lives are no longer viewed as a predetermined continuum along a set path. Every moment is a crossroads of possibilities. In developing our views, our thoughts and our perceptions of reality, we actually choose and determine its character. Quantum theory proves empirically what is taught in the Kabbalah – that the human's free will has a crucial impact on reality.

If this is true for the behavior of the most basic particles of matter, it is all the more so that positive thinking and views enable us to produce the desired, positive reality in concrete aspects such as health, livelihood, interpersonal relations and more. Kabbalah teachings about the power of positive thinking take on an especially fascinating dimension in the perspective of modern physics.

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