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Activities & Events 2012


Spring in Tzfat and the ‘Blue Valley’

In many ways, the spring season is the best time to visit and tour Tzfat and the Galilee. It’s the time when the hills and valleys are all green, filled with many flowers, and one can enjoy seeing the many trees that start producing their seasonal fruits.

Tzfat Development Investments

Without a doubt over the past two years, Tzfat has enjoyed a wonderful wave of development partnered and motivated by a number of area agencies, among them the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah. Encouraged by the city’s mayor, Ilan Shochat, we have recently witnessed a welcome wave of investment initiatives to develop Tzfat on the part of Israeli government ministries, along with investments and contributions made by private developers and donors.

Repeat Visit by a German Peace and Spirituality Group

This past month the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, hosted a spiritual group from Germany, headed by their teacher, Thomas Hubble. This is the group’s second visit, after having visited in Tzfat last year as well. This time, the group numbered some 40 participants who stayed in Tzfat for a 4-day visit, during which they enjoyed a number of various activities and workshops at the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah.



The most beautiful short film ever made about Tzfat
The magnificent sites of the enchanted city like you’ve never seen them before!!

150 JFNA Women Attend Fascinating Lecture

A large delegation of 150 North American women, among them many of the most significant Jewish philanthropists from 26 of the largest Jewish communities throughout North America met in Tzfat this past February for a fascinating lecture organized by the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah

A Bar Mitzvah Program for the P2Gether Bar/Bat Mitzvah Club

The Bnei Mitzvah Club of the Palm Beach - ZHR partnership met last week for Bnei Mitzvah celebrations in the emotionally charged and festive atmosphere of Tzfat.

Bailey London

month Bailey London surprised us with a visit to the center when she came to Tzfat with a ’Taglit-Birthright’ group

Navoraia - The ancient synagogue

The magical venue in the Tzfat  Biria forest
A special venue.

Touch The Spirit of Israel Tour-15-26.3.2012

The Tzfat Kabbalah Center in conjunction with ITC Tours Presents: TOUCH THE SPIRIT OF ISRAEL TOUR Featuring: A Unique Spiritual Retreat in the Magical City of Tzfat March 15 – 26, 2012

Activating the Navoraya Synagogue Site

The ancient Navoraya synagogue is from the period of the Second Temple, and a remnant of the Talmudic village, Navoraya that once existed in the area known today as the Biriya Forest.

Hosting Tourism Ministry Representatives

The International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah continues to invite and host important delegations of travel agents and tourism operators from around the world, and present them with the treasures hidden in the Tzfat tourism experience.

Jewish Symbols

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