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Activities & Events 2011

Hanukah in Tzfat

During this year’s Hanukah festivities, some 1,000 people participated in a tour of Tzfat’s Hanukah Menorahs, festive lighting ceremonies, lectures and Kleizmer performances, all held at the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah.

Tzfat Kabbalah youth programs

In recent months, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in Youth Programs at the ’World of Kabbalah’ Visitors Center

It’s Never Too Late - Bar Mitzvah Stories from Tzfat

Bar Mitzvah celebrations in Tzfat always provide a range of special emotions and excitement. The emotionally charged family gathering with a traditional Jewish celebration serving as a backdrop, symbolizes the unending link between Jewish generations, particularly when the event occurs in one of Tzfat’s ancient synagogues and each of them provide a special recipe for an impressive spiritual uplifting.

Promoting Tourism to Tzfat - By Air, By Land and By Sea

Our organization’s declared objective is the promotion of tourism to Tzfat. Tourism is Tzfat’s most important economic growth engine tool and the International Center for Kabbalah Tzfat works tirelessly to market the city’s touristic treasures across the globe.

Many new films are now available

Many new films are now available on our
Kabbalah films Channel

Dozens celebrated Bat & Bar Mitzvah

Dozens of families celebrated Bat & Bar Mitzvah with us

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Palm Beach Groups Visit the Tzfat Kabbal

During the summer, we had the privilege of hosting a number of delegations, families and individuals from the Palm Beach Jewish Community, our partner community since 2007 within the Jewish Agency’s "Partnership 2000" program.

the NEW exciting film:The Light of Tzfat

Discover the Four Holy Cities

Finde yourself in Israel
a Tour in Israels four Holy Cities: Jerusalem, Tzfat, Tibirias and Hebron
Fire, Air, Water and Earth
September 12th - 22nd & December 26th - January 5th

The Tzfat Bat-Bar Mitzvah Experience

A musical parade under the Canopy (Chupa) An inspiring ceremony in a 16th Century synagogue Dynamic and exciting activities for family and guests

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