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The Tzfat Kabbalah Experience

A half day of the Tzfat Kabbalah Experience

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Tzfat Kabbalah Visitor's Center

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Experience in Ancient Tzfat

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The Tzfat Kabbalah Experience  
Tourist Attractions in Tzfat 

what to do in Tzfat
Since Tzfat’s history dates back to Biblical times, it has many historical sites you won't want to miss. At the bottom of Tzfat to the west, downhill, pay a visit to the ancient Tzfat Cemetery and visit the graves of some of the most well known Sages in Jewish history.


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Tzfat Kabbalah Attractions

Kabbalah Films

We are happy to announce that we added a new section to our website  - 

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Kabbalah films  

The World Center Of Kabbalah

Over the past decades, we have been witness to a fast growing global interest in Kabbalah world wide.Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and in virtually every corner of the world, participate in courses, lectures and a very diverse range of Kabbalistic activities including on-line.
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world center

The Tzfat Bar Mitzvah Experience

The Tzfat Kabbalah Center will produce for you a memorable Bat/Bar Mitzvah event in Ancient Tzfat:
16th Century Tzfat synagogues, special menus & venues, Tefillin experience, musicians, Tours, accommodations, arts & crafts, special activities for the family and more!

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the Tzfat Bar Mitzvah Experience
The Bar Mitzvah Experience




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The Zohar
On Microfilm


Original Zohar written with extremely small letters
It's not meant for reading, but rather as something that should always be with you
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Einsof  - infinity



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