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The 4th stage - Action

Finally, the fourth world is Assiyah (the world of action), where the creation is actualized. The Divine creative flow from the world of Yetzirah flows down through the angels into the creation of the four kingdoms: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, and Human. The predominant Sefirah in the world of Assiyah is Malchut. Malchut suggests sovereignty—the idea of a distant king ruling over willing subjects. Assiyah is the world in which the creation takes on a form of total independence, yet the place where the subjects accept G-d as King.
The world of Assiyah is somewhat contrary. The Master Creator, who is a supreme artist, has created a most beautiful and diverse creation. It is a creation of G-d alone, yet G-d is hidden to the degree that His creations are not aware of their Creator. Somehow it is possible in this world to totally deny the presence of G-d, as He is completely concealed. It is this total concealment that allows this world to be a realm of free choice, where a person can choose to serve or ignore, as well as the realm of challenge, where the hand of G-d is sometimes overt and at other times covert. This world is the ultimate purpose of creation, and it is here that G-d wishes His creatures to create an abode for Him through good deeds.
In the higher worlds what is manifest is the Divine Light. In reality, they are only manifestations of the Divine creative ability; mere rays out of the sun. However, it is in this world, where one cannot perceive the Light manifest in the higher realms, that one can truly appreciate Atzmut (essence of G-d). In this world, we perceive ourselves as separate and distinct from the flow of G-dliness, and it is this feeling of being apart that permits us to behold the essence of G-d to a greater degree. Ironically, there is a vantage point to the observer in this world. In the higher worlds, one is blinded somewhat by rays of the “Divine Light” (Giluyim). The higher one goes, either in the lower or higher Garden of Eden, the more sublime the revelation and the more blinded a person is. Yet, from Earth, we can appreciate the sun in a far greater manner. It is specifically in this realm where there is a total eclipse of this Divine Light that the observer can actually come into contact with Atzmut Himself. Though He stands far beyond comprehension, one can observe creation and realize that this can only be the work of G-d Himself.
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