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The 2nd stage -Creation

In the next stage, the initial concept is worked out, and plans for the creation are further developed. Within the mind, the building has taken on some form of independent existence. Something has been created, albeit only in theory. This world is called the world of Beriah (creation). The word “creation” always implies creating something (yesh) from nothing (ayin). In Beriah, the initial concept of Atzilut has been broadened, both in length and depth. The letter Hey corresponds to the Sefirah of Binah, which is the predominant Sefirah in Beriah. Binah takes the initial concept of Chochmah and develops it in all its detail.
The world of Beriah takes the initial manifestation of the Sefirot in Atzilut and creates with them some form of existence which starts to take on independence. Although in Atzilut there is total “nullification” (Bittul), nothing exists independently. What is felt in Beriah is also the Divine, however, unlike in Atzilut, in Beriah there is something outside of G-d that is feeling Him while still being totally nullified. It is for this reason that the world of Beriah is called the world of the “Divine Throne”—Kisei Hakavod. In essence, a throne is a chair upon which man lowers his posture. So too, the Divine Throne is the idea
of the Divine lowering itself to come into contact with the worlds. This lowering of posture takes place in the world of Beriah.
It is also in the world of Beriah that we find the creation of souls and the highest angels. Angels (Malachim) are not white-winged creatures that fly across the sky. Rather, they may be conceived of as conduits for Divine energy flow. They act as agents through whom energies flow to this world. The angels in the world of Beriah are called Seraphim, from the Hebrew word Seraiphah (a fire). These angels are so infused with feeling that they “burn up.” This is not to be taken in the literal sense, but that they are so close to G-d that they cannot endure the intensity, and are in a constant state of spiritual ecstasy. The world of Beriah is also the place of the upper
Garden of Eden, which is an abode for souls that have merited entering this most sublime realm as a reward for their efforts in this world.
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