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G-d speaks (?)

“And G-d said: Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3).
G-d has no physical mouth or vocal cords. What is the meaning of the words “And G-d said”? Kabbalah explains that contraction of infinite Light and power and its channeling into finite Vessels is comparable to the speech process. In the spoken word, thousands of thoughts are distilled into a few words. In the ten utterances of Genesis, G-d contracted massive energies into creative packets and configured them in the letters of the Aleph Bet (Hebrew alphabet).
Every letter of the Aleph Bet represents a Divine Power. Combinations of letters represent combinations of Divine Powers that result in the diversity of creation. One may draw an analogy from chemistry, which is the study of the formation of different materials through the
combination of elements. The mixing of sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid results in salt and water. Sodium is a volatile metal and chlorine a poisonous gas, yet when combined they create both salt, which lasts forever, and water, which sustains life. In the analogue, each letter of the Aleph Bet contains a certain configuration of Divine creative energy. When letters are combined, this represents a complex combination of Divine energies which results in the diversity of physical creation. There are 22 letters of the Aleph Bet with five final letters which the Sefer Yetzirah compares to building blocks. Combinations of these bricks can build an enormous number of “houses.” We shall discuss this in detail in a further chapter. Adam was well aware of this knowledge which we shall henceforth call the mystical tradition
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