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The month of Fortune and Blessings
Adar is the twelfth and last month in the Hebrew year, which begins with Nissan, 'the head of all the months'. Adar follows the month of Shvat, which symbolizes a time of growth and the attainment of new spiritual heights, given the fact that the new year for trees and other vegetation – "Tu B'shvat" - falls within it. The main idea of Adar is to bring lofty spiritual revelations, inspirations and insights into the physical world.

This idea is reflected in the Hebrew letters of Adar's name, the "Aleph" (א), "Dalet & Reish" (דר). Kabbalah teaches that the letter 'Aleph' symbolizes the "alufo" – Master of the Universe – which refers to the Creator, as well as the ability to learn and investigate deeply: "Aleph", from the Hebrew words "ulpan" and "limud" [intensive study & learning]. During Adar we receive special powers for implementing the deep and important insights that we have achieved.


The power to accomplish the important spiritual mission of realizing our highest inspirations and insights is acquired through happiness. The ability to draw down the 'shechina' – the Divine presence, into the world – is accomplished through joy and happiness, as noted by our Sages: “The Divine spirit can only have impact through happiness”.

Therefore, the common custom is “when Adar begins, we increase and expand joy and happiness”: We heighten and amplify all good and positive things in a joyful manner. Therefore, during the month of Adar, it is customary to do even more joyful things than usual in every sphere of life.

This year we have the good fortune to have a leap year, with two months of Adar: Adar I and Adar II. This means that we have 60 days of Adar; 60 days of unbridled joy, which can remedy and eliminate any and all possibilities of sadness. Anything that does not make us happy is simply nullified.

One of the interpretations of the name of the holiday of Purim is that it's derived from the Hebrew term 'Periya' which means being “fruitful and multiply” – which implies adding and multiplying in joy and happiness.
In the “Book of Creation”, an early Kabbalistic work whose authorship is attributed to the first Patriarch, Abraham, the month of Adar is compared to the sense of laughter. This work predates the holiday of Purim by hundreds of years, and explains why it is so appropriate for Adar to be considered the happiest of all months, and why it was chosen to ‘host’ the holiday of Purim.

Zodiac Sign of the Month

It has been said that Adar’s fortune is healthy and resolute, and that a person’s luck improves during this month. In Kabbalistic literature it is written that anyone born during Adar cannot be controlled by witchcraft.

The Midrash explains that the Jewish People’s luck improves during this month, thanks to the fact that Moses’ birthday is the 7th of Adar. In the “Zohar”, the seminal and central book of Kabbalah, it says that Moses’ soul was all-inclusive, with all of Israel’s souls embodied within him. Kabbalah teaches that a person’s luck improves on his or her birthday, and since Moses’ soul is interconnected with the entire Jewish People, then his special luck positively influences everyone.

In the Zodiac, Adar’s sign is Pisces (fish). Kabbalah teaches that fish symbolize blessing because the Evil Eye cannot harm them. This is due to the fact that they are always covered with water, which is their blessed source of life that protects them.

We wish all our friends in Israel and all over the world a wonderful, happy month, filled with only good luck and blessings!

The last days of the month, after Purim, are specially happy since we increase in happiness more and more... and more....and even more!


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