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The month of Cheshvan, also known as Marcheshvan, is the first "ordinary" month in the Jewish calendar, following Tishrei, the month of High Holidays and festivals. Thus, it functions as a bridge between the high inspirations of Tishrei and the lackluster ordinary days of the rest of the year.

The Month of Cheshvan According to Kabbalah

The month of Kislev is known as the month of light, because of the Chanukah miracle that took place on the 25th of Kislev, which is especially connected to the unique virtues and qualities of light, to illuminate the deepest forces of darkness.

The Month of Kislev According to Kabbalah

The month of Tevet, referred to in the Bible in the Book of Esther as ”The 10th Month,” is the coldest month of the year. The Talmud explains that this is the ”Month in which the body enjoys the body.


The month of Shvat is the eleventh month in the Hebrew calendar, when counting Nissan as the first month. In the Kabbalah, the number 11 symbolizes ability and power beyond the limits of worldly nature.


Adar is the twelfth and last month in the Hebrew year, which begins with Nissan, ’the head of all the months’. Adar follows the month of Shvat, which symbolizes a time of growth and the attainment of new spiritual heights, given the fact that the new year for trees and other vegetation – "Tu B’shvat


Passover (Pesach) According to the Kabbalah

Kabbalah teaches us many things about the inner meaning of all the Jewish holydays. Many Kabbalistic texts explain the inner dimension of Pesach (Passover).


In ancient texts, three names are used for the month of Iyar:
Iyar – explained by Kabbalah as an acronym: alef-yud-resh: I am G-d Your healer.


The month of Tammuz, the fourth of the summer months that begin with Nissan, is the warmest month of the year. The zodiac sign of the month is Cancer (the Crab). Because of the intense heat, the crabs in the lakes and rivers multiply especially during this month.

The Jewish month of Tammuz in Kabbalah

In the month of Av the spiritual process that begins in Tammuz, which we wrote about last month, reaches a climax. This is a process of revelation of the powers that enable a transformation from bad to good.

The Month of Av According to Kabbalah

Elul, the last month of the year, is known as a time of summing up the past year and preparing for the new one.

The Month of Elul According to Kabbalah

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