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Kabbalah Consciousness in the Modern World

The articles in this section will dmeonstrate how Kabbalistic teachings and ideas are linked to many issues in the modern world. From the Kabbalistic perspective, our being at the eve of the 7th Millenium from the creation of the world, gives our generation a unique opportunity to study the inner teachings of the Kabbalah and connect them with life in the modern world like never before.



Creating Reality

Quantum theory, which was developed in order to explain what happens inside the atom, led physicists to understand that the reality in which we live is not unequivocal, even in terms of the most basic structures of matter.

The Big Bang

On Wednesday, the 10th of Elul last year (September 10, 2008), the largest and most ambitious scientific experiment ever to be conducted by humans, also mentioned in our last month’s newsletter, began at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

The Largest and the Smallest

The US space agency, NASA, is planning to launch one of the most sophisticated and precise devices ever to leave earth into space: its large-area gamma-ray space telescope.

The Acceleration of Time

Albert Einstein defined time as one of the dimensions of creation, but it is undoubtedly a very special dimension.
According to the teachings of the Kabbalah, time was created on the first day of the creation, after the formation of primordial matter.

The Acceleration of Time
Language & Communication

People throughout the world speak to infants in a similar way. Research shows that all languages share certain traits that serve the production of this speech, known as ID speech.

Language & Communication
Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy

The topic of energy production has been a major issue on the world’s agenda in the last century.

The need for electric energy reaches new heights in view of world population growth, and the rise in the standard of living in developed countries.

Physical Energy and Spiritual Energy

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