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The idea here is to present authentic Kabbalistic content in a clear and simple matter that can be understood by everyone, regardless of background. In the article and FAQ section, from time to time we will carry articles on Kabbalah-related topics.

These articles are mainly aimed at people who are not experts in the secrets of the Kabbalah, but who are interested in becoming familiar with Kabbalistic ideas in the simplest way possible.

From time to time articles will appear in a more in-depth way which will deal with the theoretical Kabbalah in a more intense fashion.

We will also present questions that usually come up with Kabbalah students, especially beginners, and provide qualified answers to them.

We will be happy to receive your questions on anything connected with Tzfat Kabbalah, general and private issues connected with the enquirer's world.

The Kabbalistic and Bible Codes

Over the past decade or so, after many books were written and much research done on hidden Bible codes, the subject has fostered growing world interest. It has produced fascinating items in the print and electronic media, and in almost every language. What is encoded within the Bible’s letters? 

The Kabbalistic and Bible Codes
The Sephirot

The "Ten Sephirot" model constitutes the spiritual code according to which the entire universe was created.

The Sephirot
Teaching Kabbalah - Why?

The Kabbalah stresses the importance of kindness and true unconditional giving, and with no expectation of reward.

Teaching Kabbalah - Why?
Kabbalah Study and ’Tikun Olam’

Rabbi Akiva, one of the greatest Kabbalists who lived over 2000 years ago, who was the teacher of  Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai  the author of the Zohar, taught the most ethical and moral code ever known to Man: "Love thy neighbor as Thyself", and described it as being a "Major rule of the Torah".

Kabbalah Study and ’Tikun Olam’
The Zohar

The Zohar ("Splendor, radiance") is widely considered the most important book of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. language.

The Zohar
The 7 Noahide laws in Kabbalah

The Jewish tradition teaches that the Torah given at Mount Sinai has messages for all humanity, whether Jewish or not. The Torah (as explained in the Talmud - Sanhedrin 58b) presents seven principles of faith, for all humanity.

The 7 Noahide laws in Kabbalah
The Seven Species and the Seven Sephirot

When we think of the 15th of Shvat festival, which symbolizes the love for the fruits of the Land of Israel and the seven species with which it was blessed (wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, figs, olives and dates), it is important to note the words of the Holy Ari, the greatest of the Tzfat kabbalists, regarding the relationship between the seven species and the sephirot.

The Four Elements in Kabbalah

According to Kabbalah, the Universe is consisted of a combination of four basic elements: fire, air, water and earth.
Every material and spiritual being consists of a unique combination of these four elements.

Hanukah in the Teachings of the Kabbalah

The literature of the Kabbalah and Jewish spirituality include many special insights related to Hanukah, the Festival of Light. In Kabbalah the term "light"  (Or) is frequently used to describe the divine abundance bestowed upon our world. This is mainly because the concept of "illumination" emphasizes that no special action is required of the ‘source of light’ – the Creator,  in order to shed light.

Light & Miracles

What are miracles? Kabbalah defines miracles as a supernatural happening we witness or experience from time to time. But Kabbalah also teaches us to identify in every natural phenomenon its supernatural nature, and through that, we’re able to experience miracles on a daily basis.

The Opening of the Zohar

There is a deep meaning behind the ‘Opening of the Zohar’… the following, is a great commentary on the first paragraph of the Zohar, the classical text of Kabbalah, done by a student and a teacher of Kabbalah who lives these days in Jerusalem.

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