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Letters of Kabbalah


by Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

In today’s world, when the thirst for inner knowledge and a deeper understanding of reality is so pervasive, a book that opens the gates of Jewish mysticism to wide audiences is a welcome phenomenon. However, bridging the conceptual gap between the modern mind and ancient wisdom, not to mention applying the insights of Kabbalah to contemporary issues, is no easy task.

Bridging this gap, however, is the essence of Kabbalah, one of whose literal meanings is in fact “finding parallels.” It is therefore gratifying to see Daniela Abravanel’s book, wherein many of these parallels are presented to the reader, offering instructive insights into all fields of knowledge, from ecology and physics to psychology and medicine.

The author’s succinct yet inspiring style, coupled with her clear grasp of the subject matter, has enabled her to present many Kabbalistic concepts in a refreshingly new light. The stimulating material, accompanied by masterfully executed works of artists who have clearly integrated these very concepts into their images, creates a compelling book, which will certainly motivate its readers to deepen their connection with Jewish spirituality and seek further vistas of authentic Jewish knowledge and practice.

As is evident on every page, this book springs from its author’s heartfelt devotion to the subject. As the sages teach us, “words that issue from the very heart of the speaker will surely enter the hearts of the listener.” We are further taught in Kabbalah that the heart is the central point both of the physical body and of our psychological and spiritual makeup. As such, it links directly with the super-conscious facet of the psyche, which is expressed most fully in the subtle nuances of inspired art. Thus, the artwork in the book will assuredly help the reader assimilate and integrate the book’s conceptual depth into his or her own life.

In that spirit, we wish the readers of this unique book an exhilarating
journey into the depths of Jewish mysticism. As the founder of Chassidut, Rabbi Yisrael Ba’al Shem Tov was told, the Messiah will come when the inner dimensions of the Torah have spread forth to the farthest reaches of human consciousness, vitalizing every field of knowledge with Divine awareness. May this book be a further catalyst toward achieving the “critical mass” necessary to bring about this eagerly awaited and crucially needed transformation of reality.

With blessings,
Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh

The secret of the hebrew Alphbet

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The Hebrew Letter Alef - א

The letter alef, besides being the first letter of the alphabet, also represents the number one, echad ( אחד ) in Hebrew. The numerical value of echad is thirteen, which is the numerical value of ahavah (אהבה), “love." The letter alef represents both the oneness of God and His love for His creatures (the attribute of chesed -goodness).

The Hebrew Letter Gimel - ג

Thanks to the courage and strength of the letter gimel, which is associated with the archetype of the camel, humanity can overcome the test of crossing the desert, which is a place without water – a symbol of the Torah – and full of dangers and perils. For this reason, Sefer Yetzirah associates
the letter gimel with the planet Mars, which represents the Divine power to overcome difficulties.

The Hebrew Letter Nun - נ

The nun is associated with the concept of nefilah, “fall," the existential
tests that are sent to us by God in order to force us to look in the deepest
and darkest places of our subconscious and find the power to lift ourselves
beyond the limits of our natural personalities.

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