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“Ein Koves& (Spring of Binyamin)

One of the most interesting springs is located just outside Tzfat, called “Ein Kubas” (also known as the Well of Binyami). This site can be found in the forest bordering the southwestern corner of Tzfat, just a 10 minute ride from the city center.

The spring attracts many visitors, who come to enter its cold waters in order to purify and refresh themselves. The spring is found in the heart of the forest, overlooking the deep canyon of “Nahal Amud”, among ancient olive and fig trees.

After taking a dip in the spring, it is highly recommended to descend to the lookout on an ancient building known as 'Sheich Kweis'. Here one can see one of the area’s most breathtaking views, hear the birds singing and enter a relaxing and meditative state. This is an excellent venue for studying Kabbalah in the heart of nature, and many workshops dealing with mystical spiritual insights and exploration are held here.





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