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The valley of love
Amuka is the burial site of the famous Talmudic sage Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel, which is located in the Biria forest between Tzfat , Hatzor and Rosh Pinna, about 15 minutes drive north of Tzfat.
A prayer in this place is famous for helping one in his efforts to acquire his/her soul mate . There,in the deep valley nestled amongst the flowers and stones, one finds a small domed area with burning candles, books of Psalms, and prayer books.
Of Yonathan ben Uziel, it is said that since he never married, he has a special merit to intercede on behalf of the earnest prayers of single men and women.
Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel is famous for his translation of the texts of the Torah and the writings of the Prophets into Arameic, more than 2,000 years ago. His translations reveal some of the deepest secrets of the ancient wisdom of the Holy Scriptures.






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