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The “Idra& Cave

The “Idra” Cave can be found on the Tzfat-Meron road, around 10 minutes west of Tzfat. This cave was discovered by the Holy Ari.

It is here where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai and his students studied the Kabbalistic secrets that were incorporated in the Zohar, especially the parts called “Idra Rabba” [the Great Idra], and “Idra Zuta” [the Small Idra]. Here is where these sages merited the highest inspiration and divine revelations of Kabbalistic wisdom stemming from the highest upper worlds, while carrying out the rituals and in-depth hidden Torah secrets called the “Idra Rituals”.

In the “Gates of Reincarnation” of the Ari, it is told that sometimes the Ari and his colleagues went to the village of Meron to where Shimon Bar Yohai and his followers had once gathered, and revealed to them the “Great Idra”, and the Ari would say: “Here is where Rabbi Elazar sat, there is where Rabbi Abba sat”….and all the others. He would then seat each one of his students in the most fitting place for the individual’s soul, because the Ari used to say that each one of his students has the spark of the soul of one of the disciples of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai.

It was here that the Ari also revealed to his students deep and hidden secrets, and said to them: “If your eyes would be permitted to see, you would be see a large group of Tzaddikim and Angels who came to hear the Idra and the fire that burns around them.”

The Idra Cave is an excellent place to be spiritually inspired and for learning Kabbalah. The site is especially conducive for studying the Zohar late at night.


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