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The Biria Forest

The Biria Forest is the largest man-made forest in the Galilee, spreading over 20 dunam (5 acres) on the slopes descending east of Tzfat toward Rosh Pinna and Hatzor Haglilit, north of Nahal Dalton and west of Nahal Amud. It is therefore no wonder that one can find here some of the areas most interesting and fascinating sites: trees, groves, springs, an ancient synagogue, a lime pit, graves of Tzadikkim, a wide range of flora and fauna, tour and hiking paths, picnic areas, camp sites and lookouts.

The forest reaches at altitude of 900 meters above sea-level. The air is pleasant and cool, even in the summer, making Biria an ideal touring spot all year round. Especially beautiful is the spring and the colorful wild flowers and plant life all around.

One especially beautiful species of trees growing here is the Atlantic Cedar.

The scenic route running through the forest- which extends for some 12 kilometers- links many of Biria’s most interesting sites. Private automobiles will find the paved road well maintained and easy to travel.

One of the most interesting springs in the forest is called “Ein Navoraia”, which was used by the ancient village of the same name. The spring usually flows all year round, starting from a small cave, which is right in the middle of a large and gleaming clearing of white chalkstone, where troughs were dug for sheep and laundry. The JNF has built terraces, planted orchards and transformed the area to a wonderful site.

The settlement of Navoraia existed during First and Second Temple times. Archeological digs have revealed the ruins of the village’s synagogue, one of the oldest in the Galilee. The village laid abandoned for some 200 years after an earthquake, with the synagogue finally being rebuilt in the year 564. Under the pleasant shade of the trees, right next to the spring, is a parking lot. One can see two rows of 4 columns, and the synagogue façade has been partially restored through the join efforts of the JNF and the Antiquities Authority.

Many of the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah activities are held in the Biria Forest. The wonderful sites, springs and gravesites of our Sages form the perfect venue for a truly spiritual and mystical experience.





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