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Rosh Pinna

The picturesque town of Rosh Pinna is 10 minutes drive downhill east of Tzfat.
Visitors to the Kabbalah experiences would love a visit to Rosh Pinna to enjoy the special atmosphere and accommodations in this beautiful town.
Rosh Pinna is famous for being the B&B capital of Israel. Its outstanding guest houses are indeed worthy of the title. This little town features some of the country's best gourmet restaurants, several boutique wineries, confectionaries, chocolatiers and cottage industries producing delicious home made goat cheese and olive oil.
More adventure-minded visitors will find a large choice of jeep tours, horseback riding, hiking, biking, rafting, rappeling and a variety of off-road vehicle rides.
Rosh Pinna was one of the first modern Jewish agricultural settlements in Israel, when it was still part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. In 1883, it became the first Jewish settlement in Israel to come under the patronage of the Baron Edmond James de Rothschild.
The first modern Jewish settlement in the Galilee, Gai Oni, was founded in 1878; however, it was abandoned after three years of drought. A year later, in 1882, a group of Romanian Jews built the first lasting settlement in the Galilee and named it Rosh Pinna, or cornerstone, after Psalm 118:22: "The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner." Then in 1884 Baron Edmond de Rothschild sponsored the settlement and made it the administrative center for his holdings.
Mitzpe HaYamim, a world-class spa, is located on a mountainside in Rosh Pinna. Amenities include a range of health and cosmetic treatments, an art gallery where guests can view artists at work, art workshops and an organic garden. The House of Dignitaries is a structure built in 1882 and used as a center of administration and finance for Rosh Pinna and the other towns in the Galilee region. From this building, a loudspeaker was used to broadcast the local news. Attractions built by Baron de Rothschild on Rosh Pinna that remain today include a garden of plants and flowers imported from France in 1886. An ancient synagogue, which was commissioned by the Baron, also has been preserved





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