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The Ari’s Mikveh

The Ari's Mikveh is one of the more visited spots in Tzfat. Hundreds of thousands of people come every year from all over the world, to immerse in the spiritually purifying water of this magical natural spring, which is located in the ancient cemetery of Tzfat.
The holy ARI -- Rabbi Isaac Luria himself made the mikveh legendery
during the peak of Tzfat's 'golden era' of kabbalah in the 16th century.
Not only did the Ari and his students used this spring frequently to purify their souls and bodies but a famous story tells how the Ari used it even after his passing!
It is said that Before the Ari died he instructed his students that upon his passing they were to bring his body to the mikveh and he would do the final purification of his body by himself.
After the Ari died, his students followed his instructions and brought him to the mikveh and placed him in it standing with the water up to his head
Then, the Ari lowered his head into the waters to complete the entire immersion of his body into the water. And then his students continued on with the burial at the famous spot where the Ari grave site stands today.
Local people often immerse in the Ari's Mikveh as part of preparation for prayer, it is because the mikveh offers the highest level of purity, since it draws its waters from the flowing, fresh underground source.
It is said that anyone immersing in the Ari's mikveh is guaranteed to do Teshuva – to spiritually grow to the best of his ability.

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