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Hatzor HaGalilit

Imagine a pretty picture of slanted red roofs nestled against the earthy background of the Huleh Valley and snowcapped Mt. Hermon-this is Hatzor as viewed from neighboring heights of Rosh Pina. Visitors to Tzfat for the Kabbalah activities will be able to make their visit more meaningful had they include a visit to Hatzor and Rosh Pina in their tour. In both places one can enjoy a very relaxing atmosphere, in town or in the forest, and both places are famous for their B&B accommodation. In Hatzor forest you'll find a unique hotel name Domain Galil that is offering deluxe accommodation in an enchanted atmosphere.

Hatzor HaGalilit was built in the early ‘50’s near the biblical Tel-Hatzor, its namesake reaching back to the 19th Century B.C. Due to the city's strategic importance near the main artery of caravan and convoy paths, it dominated armies' movements and convoys bringing merchandise from the north to the sea. As a result, many wars were fought here for control of the region. Hatzor was recognized throughout the Biblical Period as the political center of the northern region of Israel. Following its destruction by the Assyrians in 732 B.C., Hatzor was left deserted for more than 2500 years.

In and around the town there are sites of historical and religious importance such as the grave of Honi HaMe'agel - a legendary figure in Hatzor's history. It is remembered that towards the end of the Second Temple period this man through the unexplained wonders of nature and a strong belief in G-d brought rain to a drought stricken land. According to tradition, Jonathan Ben-Uziel is also buried in Hatzor's forests (Biria forest), in Amukah. Of him it was said - if you are single and pray near his grave, you are guaranteed a spouse within a year.





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