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Ohr HaGanuz

Ohr HaGanuz is a Jewish village in the eastern upper Galilee, about 4 miles northwest of Tzfat. The spiritual-Kabbalistic settlement was founded in 1989. The name, translated from Hebrew, means Hidden Light, and is derived from the kabbalah which refers to the original light described in the Bible that was the first act of creation (see Genesis 1:2).
A notable pilgrimage/tourist site in the vicinity is the tomb of Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai (the author of the main text of Kabbalah – the 'Zohar', which was written in the second century c.e.), adjacent to Meron.
The motto of the community is, "love your neighbor as yourself" and all members must abide by the philosophy that the importance of the community is at the forefront, rather than the individual. Membership and residency includes the voluntary choice to abide by the rules set by community that is centred around the inner teachings of Torah – the Kabbalah. Potential candidates and new members are gradually taught how to overcome inherent individualist feelings and to accept the communal lifestyle with a emphasis on volunteering, selflessness, and the study of Kabbalah.
In Or HaGanuz, there is a famous school for Chinese medicine in the light and spirit of the Kabbalah called Elima.

The Rabbi and spiritual leader of the community is the Kabbalist Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger.





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