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Tzfat,, the capital of the Galilee is surrounded by beautiful and unique nature and tourist sites, including ancient buildings, caves and graves of Kabbalists and Tzaddikim, which can be found in the heart of an enchanting forest overlooking breathtaking views. All are accessible via easy, and beautiful, hiking trails. There are especially beautiful trails between Tzfat and Meron in the "Amud" Stream, the Meron Nature Preserve, the Biria Forest and the Rosh Pinna Stream.

There are many graves of Sages and Tzaddikim throughout the forest, who are famous for their special powers and qualities. A visit, prayer session or meditation at one or more of these sites can work miracles.

Our Kabbalah Tour guides will be happy to teach you the ancient technique of spiritual prostration on the Mystics' graves, and the special prayers that can help open the gates of Heaven. The Kabbalah project offers several special experiential hiking tours in nature.

During the tour, we will learn about all the special places we visit, as well as integrating a short workshop like meditation, music and more.

The neighboring communities of Hatzor Haglilit and Rosh Pinna also invite local visitors to a special experience. In Hatzor, you can visit the gravesite of the famous Talmudic Sage, "Honi Hama'agal", or Honi, the Drawer of the Circle, who was known for his ability to perform supernatural wonders. We will stay in one of the nearby bed & breakfasts or in the beautiful "Bait Bagalil" Hotel and Spa.

In Rosh Pinna, we can visit many artists' galleries, as well as become familiar with medicinal herbs in the spice farm, eat in excellent restaurants and relax in some of Israel's most beautiful bed and breakfast facilities.

Length of tour and workshop: 2.5 hours

Shorter hikes and tours in nature are also available.
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