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What to do in Tzfat

Tzfat is one of the smallest cities in Israel, with a population of about 32,000. However, it is constantly growing and developing, leading the new Renaissance of Jewish spirituality and creativity. From the tourism perspective, Tzfat has a unique selection of places to visit and things to do. We recommend you to check out the Livnot office for general info about Tzfat, and check out the Tzfat Kabbalah Center for what to experience, see and learn in Tzfat from the spiritual perspective.

Historical Sites
Since Tzfat’s history dates back to Biblical times, it has many historical sites you won't want to miss. At the bottom of Tzfat to the west, downhill, pay a visit to the ancient Tzfat Cemetery and visit the graves of some of the most well known Sages in Jewish history. The Citadel park at the top of the city with ruins dating back to the time of the Crusaders and the Mameluks. For a bit of Mameluk history pay a visit to the Red Khan, a historical site which is today used as events hall, where the Tzfat Kabbalah Center is holding events such as Bar-Mitzvahs, weddings and Shabbat hospitality. Another beautiful site from the Mameluk period is the White Khan, which was recently restored by the Center for Healthy living.

In some places you can actually go underneath the ground to houses from the 16th Century and even earlier in History. Some of the ancient houses survived the earth quakes Tzfat suffered from in different times in history.

Modern history
If more modern history is your interest, then take the time to see the Davidka, a model of the Davidka weapon used by Jewish defenders of Tzfat in the 1948 War of Independence. Also check out the Great Stairs – Olei Hagardom, which is a very long staircase dividing Tzfat in two, and which was used by the British police to separate the Arab and Jewish Quarters of the Old City prior to 1948. In the Defenders' Square in the center of the Jewish Quarter you can view the former headquarters of the Palmach and take the opportunity to learn more about the fierce battle for Tzfat during Israel's War of Independence. The Eshtam building with the many bullet holes at the entrance to the Jewish quarter, tells the remarkable story of the defenders of Tzfat.

Wine & Cheese and of course…Shopping
Tzfat Wineries and Cheese Factories gained world fame, as well as Tzfat’s Judaica and Kabbalah art galleries.

Pay a visit to the Yoshfe Winery, or Tzfat Winery (of Moshe Alon) under the Eshtam building in Tzfat or enjoy a visit to the HaMeiri Cheese factory and shop, with cheese recipes dating back about 180 years. Another special cheese factory to visit is the Kadosh cheese café, where you can also buy the best Halwa (sweet sesame) in the Middle East. Grab pita bread and some cheese with olives, or buy Yemenite Lachouch from Ronen, and come up to the roof of the Tzfat Kabbalah Center to enjoy having your Tzfat meal, surrounded by the beauty of the Galilee.

Art Galleries are located mostly in the Bet Yosef St. and Alkabetz St. in the ancient Jewish quarter. Some of the highly recommended attractions are: Tzfat Candle Factory, Kabbalah Visitors’ Center, Tzfat weaving factory, ‘the Fig Tree’ courtyard, and some of the biggest stores for Judaica and Soul Art are the Tzfat Gallery and the Judith Gallery. Every Wednesday Tzfat hosts the Market, which is an outdoor Middle Eastern market that sells everything from produce, ready-made food, clothes, and much more.


A Tour in the Spirit of the Kabbalah
The colorful lanes and passageways of ancient Tzfat radiate enchantment from every corner. In our tour in the spirit of the Kabbalah, we will visit the places where the mystics of Tzfat lived and worked, and become familiar with the unique secrets of this very special city.

The living environment of the mystics will become more tangible when we actually visit all the places saturated with holiness and spirituality where these sages completed their literary works and experienced spiritual revelations and divine inspiration.

We will visit Tzfat’s ancient synagogues and study halls, learn about local history and about the Kabbalists who once lived here.

We will visit the “Holy Apple Field” where the holy Ari and his students would receive the Shabbat all dressed in white. We will see the “Maggid’s” cave, where the “Maggid” angel was revealed to Rabbi Yosef Karo and who taught him the deepest secrets of the Torah. We will take a peek at the “Shem V’Ever” cave, where the first generations of mankind studied the secrets of the Torah. We shall also visit galleries of Kabbalistic artists and painters.

As we tour, we will hear an overview about the chronology of the revelation of the Kabbalah, different Kabbalistic methods and some of the fascinating contents of the world of the Kabbalah of Tzfat.

The tour will be led by one of the 'Kabbalah Tour' expert guides.

There is also the option of adding additional experiences to the tour, including:

  • Musical interludes, story telling and acting about Tzfat’s 16th century mystics.
  • A fascinating visit and workshop in the Visitors’ Center.
  • A workshop with an artist who specializes in Kabbalistic art.
  • A tour of the ancient cemetery, immersion in the famous Ari Spring ,and more.

International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771