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Dr. Yedidah Cohen

Dr Yedidah Cohen first studied the wisdom of the great Kabbalist R Yehuda Lev Ashlag with a pupil of his firstborn son Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag z"l . She and her late husband Mark together translated into English Rabbi Ashlag's Introduction to the Zohar and the Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sephirot which were published in 2003 under the title "In the Shadow of the Ladder—Introductions to Kabbalah". The book has been widely acclaimed as being both readable,bringing through the original power of the texts yet true to the original.

Yedidah has led study groups of various types, all based on the texts of Rabbi Ashlag, for the last nine years, and for the last three years has led a young person's study group on the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag at the Gifted Children's College for Science and Technology which is situated at The Academic College of Tel Hai.
For the last three years Yedidah has been giving a ten minute weekly radio broadcast in English on the work of Rabbi Ashlag which is broadcast in New York by Israel National Radio, this talk is available at her website and that of Israel National Radio (Eishet Hayil show, Malkah Fleisher)

Yedidah's newest and latest book is entitled "מארג לנשמה " and is an in- depth study of the Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag using his writings drawn from other texts. The book is meeting with great acclaim. Her books are published by Nehora Press, the publishing company she and her late husband started in order to present accurately the work of Rabbi Ashlag in both English and Hebrew. She lives in Safed with her four children.
Dr. Yedidah Cohen
(Yedidah is also know by her English name Amanda Cohen)


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