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Peter Mond

"The Work of the Soul" Kabbalah Workshops

The Kabbalah is the deepest part of the Torah and as such it beckons our soul. The goal of studying the Kabbalah is to help us make inner transformation.
During the workshops we learn to pay attention to our actions and our intentions. We examine ourselves and the world we live in, and learn to see our lives through the eyes of our soul and less through the eyes of our personality, ego, mind and the dramas of life.
The heart of our study will be the writings of modern-day authentic masters of Kabbalah, Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag and his son, Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag.

In order to provide a quiet, sacred space for the learning, each session is divided up into five parts:
1) We listen to quiet and calming music and then sit quietly for a few minutes.
2) We make a short round of introductions.
3) The Major part of the Workshop: We study a short text (English and\or Hebrew). The text is explained and followed by an open discussion in which we connect up the learning to our lives.

4) We stop near the end for a few minutes of quiet, within the experience of the learning.
5) We provide a place for feedback from the learning: how it affected us and what meaning we found in it.

Each workshop is between an hour and a half and two hours. It is possible to have a one- time session or a number of sessions over a day or more. The learning is suitable for individuals and small groups (up to 20 people).

About the teacher: Peter Mond

I have been living in the Old City of Tzfat for twenty seven years. I am a member of the Beirav Synagogue (Carlebach). I am 57 years old, was born in England and made Aliya in 1974. I am married and the father of four children. As a Social Worker I have worked for many years in Mental Health, Group Work, Teaching and Supervising.
For seven years I have been studying Kabbalah with pupils of Rabbi Baruch Ashlag. I am a teacher of Jewish Soul Therapy (individuals and groups) and author of "The Experience of Being in Jewish Soul Therapy" (to be published in the coming year), and a founder member of "In the Quiet Space", a programmed for promoting well-being and coping skills.

Peter Mond

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