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Rabbi Amram Moyal

Rabbi Amram Moyal is a senior lecturer of various disciplines in the world of Kabbalah. In recent years, he has concentrated on lecturing around the world on subjects linking the Kabbalah with the modern world: Kabbalah and intimacy, the structure of the soul, Kabbalah and music and more.

Amram Moyal is an expert in the structure of the soul according to Hassidic mysticism and Kabbalistic doctrine. He is a Lubavitcher Hassid, an expert in computer communications and was also once a dancer and pantomime artist, which turns his lectures into a fascinating and unique combination of content and presentation for one and all.

Rabbi Amram Moyal
International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771