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Baruch Erdestein

For over four years Baruch, a student and teacher of Lurianic Kabbalah, has been providing intimate guided experiences through the Old City of Tzfat, emphasizing the history and world-view of authentic Jewish mysticism. With a background in cross-cultural education, Baruch also performs live musical performances, weaving stories and introductory lessons in Kabbalah to groups of diverse backgrounds. Associate editor of kabbalaonline.org, he has edited over 2,000 pieces on Kabbalah, as well as published dozens of translations and articles on topics in Jewish mysticism online. His exciting new musical project, "iNGATHERING", combines cutting edge funk, rock and jazz with the Kabbalistic themes of World Redemption.

Baruch Erdestein
International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771