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Classes & Seminars

Many different classes on Kabbalah are going on in Tzfat.

Some run under the auspices of courses and seminars that continue for a certain period of time, and which are not open to the occasional visitor, and some are open to the general public.

Some demand a certain level of knowledge of Kabbalah and the inner dimension of Torah, while others are aimed at those who have no background at all.

In the list of classes offered, we have tried to mention those open to the general public. The list will be updated periodically when new courses and classes open up.

We will be happy to advise and guide anyone interested and provide further information about these activities, whether ongoing or planned for the future. The International Center for Kabbalah in Tzfat will be initiating and sponsoring even more classes, lectures, workshops and seminars for any interested party or individual.

List of classes:

Sundays through Thursdays at the "Ascent Institute",2 Ari St., Old City, at 9:30AM and 8:30PM: Lesson in Hassidic mysticism and Kabbalah; various lecturers. For further information please call: 972 4 6921364.

Shabbat afternoons at home of the Friedmans,38 Bar Yochai St., , Old City: spiritual study of subject in weekly Torah portion according to Kabbalah and other commentators;For further information please call: 972 4 6972702.

Wednesdays at 9:00AM at the Kabbalah Gallery,35 Tet-Vav St. , Old City: Studying a Kabbalistic text with Avraham Lowenthal. For further information please call: 972 4 6923051.

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