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Center for Healthy Living in Tzfat (CHLn

A Center for Healthy Living in Tzfat is a community organization that supports improvement in community life. We sponsor direct projects and practical education concerning environmental quality, natural, holistic approaches to health and nutrition and traditional arts and practices.

The people of the center believe that the overall health of our bodies, minds and spirit, our community and nature, depends on all parts of the whole being in mutual flow of awareness, communication and exchange of energy.

The Center seeks to serve as a bridge between diverse segments of the natural environment and the human community for the benefit of all in the service of tikkun olam.

The Center offers special programs for Tzfat residents and visitors that connect experiences of the natural landscape and seasons of the Galilee with the historic, cultural and spiritual legacy of this area.

Activities Available at the Center for Healthy Living in Tzfat in conjunction with Kabbalah Tour.

1. Landscape of the Kabbalah

Kabbalah flowered in the Upper Galilee. Participants will walk the land and experience its nature. Guided hikes can focus on: wildlife and native flora; medicinal and edible plants; historic and contemporary land and water use; graves of the sages; historic sites of the Kabbalah, such as the cave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Peki'in, his tomb in Meron, the Idra cave in Keditah. Guides include Shmuel Ofanansky, director of ecological activities at the CHLnT, and Yonit Crystal, traditional skills practitioner and expert in medicinal and edible plants

2. Taste of the Galilee
Participants will sample traditional and local foods and take part in their
preparation, according to the season: olives, grapes and wine, figs, pomegranates, carob, almonds, za'atar, pita bread, goat cheese. We also offer food cooked by the sun in the Center's solar ovens, and demonstrations of their construction and use.

3. Tikkun Olam 

 Community Improvement Kabbalah helps us understand Tikkun Olam - fixing the world - on many levels. Opportunities to participate in hands-on community improvement projects include: Ziffer Sculpture Garden: a neighborhood project to develop this public space as a therapeutic garden that will benefit Tzfat residents. -Tree Planting: in forests in the Tzfat area, to repair damage from the recent War.

4. Spinning Wool

Participants will learn one of humanity's most basic skills, which was also a widespread occupation in 16th-century Tzfat. Including stories and legends connected with spinning. With Yonit Crystal, traditional skills practitioner.

5. Guided Meditation

This workshop awakens and energizes participants through movement, and deepens the experience of the guided Jewish meditation that follows. With certified instructor Miriam Friedman.

6. Living Letters

Participants become Hebrew letters, words, and phrases through dancing the "Living Letters." This unique form of movement was created by Tzefat resident Yehudit Goldfarb and is led by her.


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