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Livnot U’Lehibanot

At Livnot youױll discover the connection between the physical and spiritual, between Judaism, nature and the environment, between the ancient and the now. ֺ We believe that there is no better way to understand our heritage and ourselves than through being intimate with the land, the Community and our Heritage. And there is no better way to do that than to put thought into action.At Livnot we Learn, Hike the Land and participate actively through Community Service and Communal Living. ֺ Here are some of the programs that we offer:

Open discussions on what Judaism has to say about Relationships, Sex and Intimacy How to live a life of Amazement Workshops on Judaism and Nature based on Kabbalistic insights Hikes through nature and informal classes on how the world around us can enhance our lives ֺ Our workshops run for 1-2 hours, Shabbat experiences that last a weekend, 2 week programs that allow participants to taste the breadth of Jewish knowledge and history while hiking the Land all the way up to our 5 month in depth program. All our activities facilitate and encourage participant involvement. Come visit us for a full description of our programs.


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livnot ve lehibanot 


לבנות ולהיבנות 

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