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Simply Tzfat

Simply Tsfat is a trio of talented Chassidic Israeli musicians, Elyahu Reiter, Yehonasan Lipshutz and Yonatan Tzarum. In concert, they merge Heaven and Earth through music and stories of the great Chassidic master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.

A "maiden voyage" tour of the East Coast, Canada and Central America, several years ago, attracted audiences from all ages and backgrounds. The group has made several tours of the United States and Canada, with successul appearances on both the East and West Coasts, in locations such as Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Miami and Boston. Wherever they appear, the trio develop a loyal and ardent following. For current engagements, see our web.

Simply Tsfat's 3 CD's, "Fresh Air" and "Be Happy"and “New Beginnings”, have been extremely well received, and are the staple of several radio stations. The trio performs in traditional venues - synagogues, weddings, schools, yeshivas, nursing homes, hospitals, festive occasions, formal dinners and private parties - providing a lively mix of Hebrew, English, dance, instrumental and song.

The unique presentation of Simply Tsfat inspires, whether in small and personal gatherings or large performance halls. Stories, personal anecdotes and Chassidic teachings are interwoven with powerful lyrics and enchanting music passed from generation to generation in authentic oral tradition; from the time of Rebbe Nachman, some 200 years ago.

Simply Tsfat conveys a deep love of chassidic life and its music. The trio's style is warm and intimate, drawing listeners into the air of Tsfat and a living Chassidic tradition.

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