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Lana Laor

the Israeli artist Lana Laor studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, as well as with the renown artist, professor Ernst Fuchs in Vienna, Austria.

Laor has held many one-woman shows in Israel and abroad.

Her outstanding and original works are exhibited in an old beautiful house with an atmosphere out of this world.

Laor is a member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association as well as of the Tzfat Artists' Colony Association.

Laor's own words about her Art works titled 'Enchanted Tzfat':

"While walking around in the Old City of Tzfat, I felt like being inside a theater setting, in an unreal fairy tale, somewhat hovering.

A feeling I didn't have anywhere else on the face of the earth.

This feeling have had a marked impact on my art work in the past three years, since I moved to live and create in Tzfat permanently.

I have found here an old stone house which is now my home. Walking around with a camera and drawing pad, I perceived the blue of the Tzfat sky covering the alleys, the patches of mysterious light in the mist, cast by the old street lamps, the doors which are about to fall down, yet, are held by locks - to lock in secrets and mysteries. Alleys inhabited by seekers, seeking answers to existence, both the universal existence as well as their individual one.

In my painting art work I see a kind of struggle and confrontation. I challenged myself to capture the unique charm of Tzfat in oil colors on canvas - the tools I'm familiar with and with which I can connect - in a series of paintings that will allow the onlookers to get some of my own enchanted feelings, that will allow the onlooker to penetrate into this enchanted dream and hover inside it."

In the gallery:
Jewelry according to the Kabbalah by the artist Lana laor-
in some of the pendants there are symbolic signs from "Raziel the angel " and from "the seventy two names " .



lana laor 


laor lana 



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