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Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev

Kabbalah teaches that in our inner essence, we are beings of light, part of the infinite light of the Ein Sof. The physical world acts as a vessel for capturing the light. Similarly, a photograph, which literally means “diagram of light”, captures the light of the world, through an individual’s perspective, and records it in order to share with and influence people in some way.

Eliyahu Ben-Ze’ev Alpern is a professional photographer who maintains a gallery and studio in Tzfat where he displays his work and conducts photographic workshops and journeys from a Kabbalistic perspective. His specialties include panoramic photography where the images are often 360 degrees - capturing the reality which humans can not usually see with their own eyes, light paintings, landscapes of nature, and life in Israel. Eliyahu is a trained Israeli tour guide with 10 years of experience and has worked extensively with large and small groups in tourism and education.

In his workshops, you will study the practical art and science of photography while learning some basic concepts of Kabbalah, in places known for their historical, natural, and mystical significance to the Jewish people. Workshops are open to all levels of knowledge and range in time period from one hour through several days.




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