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Yaacov Kaszemacher

Yaakov Kaszmacher began his painting and photography career in the mid 1960's in New York and today he is one of the leading Kabbalah artists in Tzfat ,who gained world fame as he participated in art exhibitions in museums and art galleries all over the world. When he moved to Tzfat in 1973 he introduced the religious world to his innovative and visionary art. Throughout the Tzfat years, Yaacov has always had a gallery, sharing his work and his world-view with the general public. Inspired by his art, many younger artists studied the master’s works, then incorporated his ideas, style, techniques and subjects into their own works. The Kaszemacher influence is perceived in many galleries in Tzfat.

Yaacov considers his art as a meditative support for himself and for those who contemplate his works. He has a multilayered symbolic interpretation of each design expressing a spiritual message for the viewer. Yet the abstract quality of his work allows each person to discover his own meaning and understanding by viewing, contemplating and meditating.

Kaszemacher’s hard-edge, geometric constructionist paintings portray the logical relationship among numbers, kabbalah and traditional Jewish principles of belief. They demonstrate the order and unity found within the universe and reflect the infinite wisdom of G-d. Yaacov’s designs are based on symbolic numbers in Torah and kabbalah. The numerical values of Hebrew letters and words also contribute to design concepts.

While his geometric art is intellectual,Yaacov’s photography is emotional: capturing images and evoking feelings about Israel, Tzfat, Jewish, Israeli and Hassidic life. He regards photography as an opportunity to freeze memories and impressions. He says, "Photographs are a great means for instant communication of mood, emotion and statement."

Kaszemacher’s color and abstract photographs give graphic expression to his spiritual concerns. His panoramic photographs of Israel’s holy places depict the natural beauty of the Holy Land, and the peace that surrounds our teachers and rabbis of ancient times.

His double exposures and other multi-image abstracts have a mystical, 3-dimensional quality. There is a blurring of order and reality, which often gives an otherworldly effect. Each double exposure is planned to project a feeling of progression either in lighting, depth or both. Recurrent themes include the everlasting nature of the Jewish people, hope for the future, and that no matter how dark or gloomy a period may be, there will be light at the end.


Yaacov Kaszemacher Gallery

12 Yosef Karo Street, Zefat, Israel



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