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Kabbalistic Meditation

In this hands-on workshop, we will learn about the various meditation techniques practiced by the great ancient Kabbalists. These spiritual exercises, known as "Unifications" and "Contemplation", are the classic expressions of Kabbalistic meditation. What are we unifying? How can we concentrate our thoughts? How do we contemplate? We will learn about these and other questions in the workshop's introduction.

There are different methods in Kabbalah for meditative exercises that are based on ancient techniques. Some of the most common techniques include:

• Meditating with Music –

Guided and experiential listening to Kabbalistic music. This music, popularly known as 'directed tunes' was composed by some of the greatest Kabbalists and Hassidic spiritual leaders. The tunes and musical compositions are directed according to the structure of the spiritual worlds that parallel the structure of the soul.

• Breathing exercises –

Breathing exercises in four stages corresponding to the four letters of the ineffable name of the Creator; focus on life energies that we take in during conscious breathing; a very unique experience is this meditation in the magical air of Tzfat and the surrounding forest.

• Letters meditation –

Focusing on the form and energy frequency of the Hebrew alphabet during concentrated observance of the letters' form. Later on, the contemplation focuses on the Holy names of G-d, which are formed by special combinations of letters.

• "Hear Oh Israel" - Meditative Prayer :

In-depth understanding of the innermost meanings of Jewish prayer. As we know, prayer books were composed according to deep devotions, intentions and content taken from the Kabbalistic doctrine thousands of years ago. Praying with deep and internal intention and devotion and understanding the logic and spiritual structure of prayer is an authentic and uplifting experience for the soul.

Length of workshop: 1 hour





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