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A Musical Performance in the Spirit of K

Music has always been known for its special ability to raise a person to a very high and spiritual consciousness and allow special insights and inspiration.

Many of our greatest Prophets received and gave their prophecies through music. In fact, it is even told that music and song were composed by the most famous Kabbalists in order to express their deepest inspiration and insights.

In the Temple in Jerusalem, the Levites also used musical instruments and song in the Temple Service in order to lift the spirit to the highest level possible.

Tzfat is the home today of many musicians and artists who specialize in composing music and lyrics in the spirit of Jewish Mysticism and spirituality.

These special Tzfat musical works include a wide range of styles:

“Klezmer” Music – The “Klezmerim” are Tzfat’s own soul musicians, and all year round they play the most spiritual and authentic Jewish music. Shows and performances are combined with stories and explanations about the world of Kabbalah and music.

Ethnic Jewish Music – Musical ensembles that play both ethnic and ‘world’ tunes, combining their performances with content and texts from the world of the Kabbalah. Some use special ancient musical instruments from the Temple in Jerusalem.

Modern Music – Music that combine electronic and meditative tunes played by individuals and groups, that reflect the inspiration of Kabbalah and Tzfat mysticism.

As part of any spiritual experience in Tzfat, we highly recommend including a musical performance at any of the magical sites in both the Old city of Tzfat and the forest.

It would be our pleasure to guide you and arrange the most appropriate musical experience for you and your group.

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