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The Galilean Medicinal Herbs

The abounding Galilean natural surroundings of Rosh Pinna serve as one of Israel's most prolific areas for growing many medicinal herbs and plants.

Such herbs and spices have been with us since ancient times. Much has been written about them and they have served man as both food and medicine, as well as for beauty and religious ceremonies.

The greatest Kabbalists who lived in Tzfat and its environs knew how to use these herbs for medicinal purposes and some even wrote books on the topic.

Our workshop expands on the entire subject of popular medicine from herbs that can be prepared in any kitchen, while providing a detailed explanation on the wonderful gifts that await us in our gardens and in nature. The lecture includes creative participation of the guests, and is a hands-on experience in the sense that one can smell and feel the plants and connect with their positive energy.

The workshop is suitable for both adults and children.

Length of workshop: 1 hour



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