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The mystical power of Letters and Names

Kabbalah teaches that the Hebrew alphabet is the foundation stone for all of creation. The creation as described in the Book of Genesis, came into existance through ten G-dly expressions ("And G-d said, let there be..."), which form a special combination of Hebrew letters, through which the Divine energy that constitutes reality flows.

Kabbalah teaches that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has its own energetic frequency, which is expressed in the letter's physical form, its pronunciation, its numerical value, and more.

Kabbalistic literature is highly occupied with this fascinating field, and reveals how each detail of creation is made up of a combination of letters that form the name of the particular created being, as well as exposing its innermost essence.

In the "Secret of the Letters" workshop, we will learn about the special power and energy of the Hebrew alphabet, the inner meaning of the letters and names and enjoy a wide range of presentations in this fascinating field.

One amazing display will bring us in contact with a ritual Scribe, who writes Torah scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzot. He will show us the ancient art of writing the letters with a feather pen on parchment, and explain the Kabbalistic and spiritual ideas behind the letters, and how to write them.

Another presentation will reveal the code of the letters of a person's name in ancient writings, and reveal amazing details about each person's personality.

A special visitors center is now being built in Tzfat, and it will be one of the world's most unique. It will allow an experiential and hands-on approach to understanding the secret of the Holy letters. It is highly recommended to visit this "Ritual Scribes' Center" for a very special Kabbalistic experience about Hebrew letters and lore.

Length of workshop: 1 hour




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