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Studying a Kabbalistic Text

Today, the original and ancient Kabbalistic texts are accessible and become available to all. It is therefore very important that people, specially with no experience in the study of Kabbalah, use proper and authentic guides. The Kabbalah Project staff use specially edited authentic Kabbalistic texts, and developed a special method of teaching, so that anyone can study and enjoy this special learning.

It is amazing to see the scope and depth of Kabbalistic wisdom, endoded within few words and short sentences, as was the style of the early mystical writings.

The classic Kabbalistic texts were purposely written in concise and encrypted style. In addition, Aramaic was the chosen language of the text, a complex tongue which cannot be easily understood by someone inexperienced in studying classic Jewish texts.
It is therefore critical to study Kabbalah with teachers and instructors who can accurately present the authentic philosophy and ways of Kabbalah. Our qualified teachers teach the content through parables, stories, anecdotes, metaphors and concepts from the modern world.
The original texts can be studied in either large or small groups, and all participants are guaranteed an unforgettable and unprecedented spiritual and intellectual experience.

Some of the texts to be studied: “The Book of Creation”, the Zohar, the writings of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, the writings of the Holy “Ari”, and the Holy Book of the Tanya.

Length of workshop: 1 hour



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