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Kabbalah & Psychology

Psychology and Kabbalah

One of Kabbalah's most prominent arenas is dealing with the human soul. Kabbalistic wisdom offers deep insights about our emotional and conscious experiences and teaches us how to build a healthy body and soul harmonious relationships.
The greatest Kabbalists in different periods dealt with revelations about the structure of the soul, with each one contributing his own style and method for explaining this fascinating topic.

You will be amazed to prove how many modern psychological methods, like psychoanalysis, regression and others, are highlighted by insights into the soul of man coming from the world of the Kabbalah.

In this workshop on Psychology and Kabbalah, we will learn about:

  • The two souls: the G-dly soul and the natural soul.
  • The Tree of Life and ten powers of the soul.
  • The five levels of the soul.
  • The three expressions of the soul: thought, speech and action.
  • cognitive processes and positive thinking.
  • The secret of happiness and the joy of the soul.

The subject of psychology and Kabbalah can be studied and experienced in one workshop or in a series of lectures.

Length of workshop: 1 hour



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