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Intimacy & Kabbalah

"man and woman were privileged – the Divine Presence dwells among them.''

The Kabbalah deals extensively with the man-woman relationship, enlightening the subject from a wide range of viewpoints and outlooks. Kabbalah compares the male-female relationship to the body-soul connection, the G-d-man connection, the angel-Divine Presence connection and more….

What is the secret of sexual attraction? What is true love? How can one a couple achieve full harmony and satisfaction of their needs? These and other questions are answered by Kabbalah in a unique and fascinating manner.

Kabbalah's unique attitude to this subject is based on the earliest Kabbalistic texts, which clarify and explain how man and woman were created, each with unique physiology , spiritual and emotional structure, yet both in the image of the Divine .

In order to complement and fully appreciate the workshop, it is highly recommended that one include a special visit to the nearby "Valley of Love" (at Amuka, in the Biria forest, next to Tzfat) and the gravesite of the Tzadik Yonatan Ben Uziel, well known for its special powers in everything connected with intimacy and family life.

The 'Kabbalah Tour' operation runs special day and night workshops at Amuka for the complete intimacy and spiritual love experience.

Length of workshop:1 hour



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