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Intro to Kabbalah

Introduction to the World of the Kabbalah

Over the past several years, the world of Kabbalah has become a focal point for hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

The secrets of Kabbalah, until now completely hidden from the public eye, are now accessible and even well-known, attracting the attention of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds from every corner of the world.
It is now clear to one and all, that the rich and infinite content of the world of Kabbalah can inspire anyone who shows interest in becoming familiar with this fascinating world revealing its ancient wisdom.

In our introductory lecture on Kabbalah, we will learn the substance of it's wisdom, with what it deals, its content and the relationship between the Kabbalah and the other dimensions of Torah spiritual commentary and interpretation.

We will become familiar with the different styles and methods used in Kabbalah, and the prominent personalities and mystics who taught Kabbalah over the generations.

We will learn about the different approaches to the key questions dealt with in the Kabbalah, like:
unity and multiplicity, the creation of the world, the secret of infinity and more.

We will also hear about the connection between Kabbalah and contemporary world issues, like Kabbalah and science, Kabbalah and meditation, Kabbalistic philosophy and more.
We will also be able to expand on classic topics and content from the world of the Kabbalah: the structure of the soul, angels and their abilities, interpreting dreams, spiritual worlds and more.
The lecture specifically emphasizes the Tzfat world of Kabbalah.

Introductory lecture: 1 hour



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