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Many Kabbalistic artists and artisans live and work in Tzfat and the surrounding Tzahar [Tzfat, Hatzor, Rosh Pinna] region: photographers, silversmiths, potters, designers, painters and more, all producing amazing Kabbalistic art work that can be found nowhere else in the world.

The spiritual inspiration and special air of ancient Tzfat can be felt in every artistic creation of these specialists. For decades now, an active and vibrant community of artists and painters have been living and working in Tzfat, going so far as to create a special artists' quarter in Tzfat's Old City.

Amazing panoramic photography, double exposure techniques and other modern photographic innovations, combining with the breathtaking and unique views and landscapes of ancient Tzfat and its environs, create a magical and visual experience that penetrates to one's very soul.
A visit to photographers' galleries will demonstrate the rich visual world that is hidden within the passageways and views of the City of the Kabbalists.

Silversmiths and their unique jewelry and silver objects, often incorporate Kabbalistic symbols, letters and writings in their works. They will be happy to share with you the secrets of Kabbalistic creation and the wonderful combination of material and spirit. Kabbalistic artists and painters will tell you about the secrets of the Kabbalah and how the deepest concepts of Kabbalistic wisdom are incorporated in their fascinating works.
Each stroke of the brush, every combination of colors, geometric shapes and letters, express deep and mysterious ideas from the world of the Kabbalah of Tzfat.

By prior appointment, you can visit many galleries and attend special workshops with these artists, whether for an hour or more, and enjoy their special presentations and works in the spirit of Kabbalah. Some workshops even offer a combined Kabbalistic experience with artistic activities.

To arrange a visit to one or more galleries or workshops, and for more information about other options as well as prices, please contact our office info@tzfat-kabbalah.org

Alternatively, feel free to contact any of the artists whose names appear on the artists' page.

The International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah produces and designs special one and two-day packages for experiencing Kabbalistic art and artists in Tzfat. For further information, please contact our office.

Yaacov Kaszemacher
Eliyahu Ben Ze’ev
Avraham Loewenthal
David Friedman
Josh Burde
Lana Laor
David Baruch
Sheva Chaya Shaiman
The Micro calligraphy art of Tzfat
The Micro calligraphy art of Tzfat
In Tzfat, you can find many art galleries and artists who specialize in the unique style of art called Micro Calligraphy.
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