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The Tzfat Kabbalah Experience

Tzfat Kabbalah workshops 

New: An Hour of Kabbalah

Fascinating lectures on the spiritual worlds, the Sephirot and the structure of the soul.
An interaction with the magical experience of the Tzfat Kabbalah followed by a short kabbalistic meditation

 The ultimate package:

 A half day of the Tzfat Kabbalah Experience  

A tour of the ancient alleys and synagogues, an introduction to Kabbalah and the ‘secret’ workshop, the Tzfat Kabbalah audio visual at the visitors’ center, arts and crafts with international artists and a unique klezmer musical performance.

Tzfat Kabbalah workshops 

Tzfat Kabbalah workshops 

 The media experience at the visitors’ center

The ‘secret’ workshop: an interactive presentation on positive thinking, and the meaning of names
The Tzfat Kabbalah film – an audio visual experience in English, Hebrew, Spanish and Russian.

 New: Night tours & programs

 The Tzfat you’ve never seen before!
From sunset until midnight
Hanukkah - Menorah tours, Kabbalat Shabbat tours,
night tours to kabbalistic gravesites

Tzfat Kabbalah workshops 

For information & reservations call:+972-4-6821771


Tzfat Kabbalah workshops 
International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, POB 6286, Old City, Tzfat ISRAEL Tel: 972-4-6821771